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Dom Reynolds is a musician, audio engineer and teacher.
He is currently working on his second solo album, which will take the form of single releases later forming a collection. It is the intention of the artist that each song will take the listener to a different place, geographical or imaginary, meditatively solitary or social in a lively, real way we have almost forgotten. 
Dom is also collaborating with Jozef B, working on a new album and covers of songs in a rootsy, jazz/funk style. Annette Zakaria Wincott occasionally joins the duo on vocals and percussion.

Dom has been busy producing rock band Discovery's second album. He is doing all the instrumental parts and on the album and co-arranging the songs. The first singles off the album, Stay Strong and Forgive Me have been released. The band's rehearsals are soon recommencing with a new line up - watch this space.

In addition, Dom has been mixing drums on Davey Anscombe's single, Ghost Town, and recording and remixing Million Pebble Beach's single, Broken Ships. Dom also produced and contributed to Million Pebble Beach's debut album from 2020, The Adjacent Impossible.
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