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Faraway Land

A song about people falling in love that have very different backgrounds and find a deep connection through simple shared experiences, like walking together along England’s beautiful coastlines.

Jozef Birling:

“Playing on the beach is one of my fondest childhood memories, and walking with my feet in the ocean water keeps being something special every time still. The song being about finding beauty in simple things, we kept it short and sparse. It was recorded with just me singing and playing the guitar at the same time, like you would at the evening campfire (with imperfections preserved).”

And once I was a little boy * once you were a little girl * we would play outside * but in a different world * and I would see the sun go down * when you woke up in your little town * and I was fine, and you were fine but * one day you would sail to see * little things across the sea * and I would see you * and you would see me too * and one thing that would came to be * you became my honey bee * and I would hold you hand * in a faraway land * (in a faraway land) * See us run on the beach in the sand * holding each other's hand * with the wind in our hair, yeah yeah * rolling round falling down in the sand * rubbin' each other's hand * throwing kisses * playing mister and misses, oh * yeah, woh, ah, yeah * And I would hold your hand * in a faraway land * in a faraway land * in a faraway land * in a faraway land * (Aaaah)


Written by Jozef Birling. Jozef: vocals, guitars, sequencing. Mixed by Jozef. Mastered by Dom Reynolds. 

Lovingly crafted and recorded at Home Made Cookies, Southampton, England.


Sleeve art and photography: Jozef Birling.


© Reynoldo Records, 2022, All rights reserved. Catalogue Number SDR015.

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