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Forest bathing

Ever felt the need to return to nature and sink some roots down in the earth? Well, this song captures that feeling! This moody song swings from light to dark, like the tussle between the Zoroastrian gods, Oramases, the spirit of life and warmth, and Ahrimanes, the spirit of death and darkness, as depicted in Shelley's poem, The Revolt of Islam.

Do you ever feel the urge sometimes * To lay yourself down on the earth * Gaze upon the clear, azure sky * Meditate on what life’s worth? * Do you ever feel the need sometimes * To get away from the big smoke * Inhale the earthy needles of the pine * Cure your sorrow at a stroke * In the distance billow angry clouds * Seem so dark it’ll hide the sun forever * Wrap the earth up like a burial shroud * Distant thunder, getting very loud * Do you ever feel the urge sometimes * To measure how much life is worth? * Forest bathing is a certain way * To root ourselves down in the earth * Vegetation stained by acid rain * Clouds so dark they’ll block the sun forever * Leaves are blemished with a rusty stain * Makes you wonder just what life will remain * Such a sad outcome * When the trees succumb * And the days will come * To an end, you know * Those new buds will grow * Season, season, season, season *  Gaze upon, gaze upon, gaze upon * Yonder blue sky


Composer and lyricist: Siôn Dominic Reynolds
Dom: vocals, guitars, keyboards, sequencing; Jozef Birling: guitars. Mixed and mastered by Dom.
Lovingly crafted and recorded at the Batcave, Portsmouth, and Home Made Cookies, Southampton, England.
Sleeve photograph by Casey Horner (@mischievous_penguins) | Unsplash Photo Community
© Reynoldo Records, 2022, All rights reserved. Catalogue Number SDR014.

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