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audio/ video production

Want to make a record?

Dom can help you realise your musical ambitions and produce a radio-ready record at his Bat Cave Studio.

"Why should I get Dom to make my record?"

Well firstly, most studio engineers will click the "Record" button and be done with it. Dom, being an accomplished musician, a multi-instrumentalist, can offer more than that. He is happy to create quality full-band backing tracks for your song.

Secondly, Dom covers many genres from rock to pop to jazz, remaining true to the guiding principle that authenticity trumps novelty. Whilst everyone is impressed with the modern bells and whistles, it is important to keep it real.

Here is a song in the 'baroque pop' style that Dom produced for Claire Baker of Million Pebble Beach:

Here's what Claire said about the experience of working with Dom, "Massive thanks to Dom Reynolds for recording and interpreting my request, and for creating the awesome soundscape. I'm so glad I found him. He really brought my songs to life."

Thirdly, Dom can bring in the help of expert musicians. Check out the awesome drum tracks in this song Dom produced for Alex Gegov of rock band Discovery:


The drummer (if you're wondering) is the amazingly talented Bobby Yosifov, who is based in Bulgaria - the wonders of the internet! Dom has a range of great musicians he can call on.


Fourthly, Dom correctly understands the need to balance the technical and creative elements. In his song, 'The Hug (Snug as a Bug Mix)', for example, the feel is late 1970s/early 1980s funk, played with proper instruments in the traditional way, but with the added element of some contemporary-sounding backing vocals transformed by a vocoder:

I bet you can already tell that Dom collaborates with other musicians, as he has done here with the up-and-coming singer, Charlotte Neal. Here are some more of her sweet vocals, on the song Dom made with his band, the Hugsters:

Dom has been making records for more than twenty years. He is experienced and an everyday person you can work with. He has his own studio with quality equipment, a track record and very competitive rates. He can help you market your songs and explore new audiences. You can work with him remotely via the internet, or in his studio. Whether it is session work, recording, mixing or mastering, or even video creation, Dom is your go-to-guy.

Contact Dom for a quote.


Tel: (+44) 7983905418
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