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Fancy learning to sing? Play the guitar? Play the ukelele? Piano? 

Well then, I can help you, with lessons online or in person.  I have an approach that is at once distinctive, methodical and practical.  Distinctive in that I am a practitioner of the Feldenkrais method of Awareness Through Movement. Methodical in that I build layer-by-layer on the firm foundations of music theory and solid technique and practise. Practical in that I am a working musician, and have the experience to help you perform. I am with Leonard Bernstein in believing that music is a joy - and my teaching is a mission to spread this essential truth.

A qualified teacher, I have over  25 years' worth experience in the field. An accomplished practitioner of music, I am a Master's Graduate of the University of Sussex, and am qualified to Distinction at Grade 8 in Music Theatre Performance with the London College of Music. I am currently studying with the University of West London, to become an Associate of the London College of Music.  I am also learning the guitar, having achieved Grade 5 with the Rock School (RSL) Awards. I am also familiar with the RSL board as applied to vocals and piano.

Registered by the Department for Education with Qualified Teacher Status, I am fully DBS checked and hold a Chaperone License with Portsmouth City Council. I am a parent with two teenage daughters, have been a schoolteacher, a volunteer for the Woodcraft Folk and have worked with the Young Creatives, Portsmouth, teaching the LAMDA Performance Syllabus.

What they are saying about me:

"Dom has a huge passion for giving our kids these enjoyable opportunities." Amie Tacacz, Key Stage 2 Lead Teacher at St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School, Havant 

"Dom has been a great singing teacher! He's given me a great foundation for developing further, and I've appreciated all the singing exercises he's helped me with as well as the way he's integrated them with music theory. He's also been encouraging and helpful in his feedback. An unexpected bonus in the lessons has been Dom's emphasis on moving and working with the whole body and exercises to facilitate that. Thanks Dom!"

Ed M

"Dom is very encouraging and supportive, and I’m learning so much more than I anticipated. He takes the time to explain the theory behind the practice which enriches the whole experience, and I feel like I can sing now."

Nick M

"Dom is teaching my son GCSE guitar. Dom is a brilliant teacher and my son has quickly improved under his tutelage."

Frank O

"Excellent teacher, genuinely went above and beyond to ensure I got the most out of the lesson and kept it very focussed on what I need. Very very happy with him!"

Ali J

"I have always struggled singing, but decided it was time to make an effort and understand how to make a better 'noise'! To be able to sing out loud is a liberating and life affirming act. Dom explains how the body works to control the voice, how sounds are made and how to strengthen them. In a matter of weeks i have noticed my voice control improve across the board! i am now comfortable with my singing voice, and understanding how to improve its breadth and depth (from ABBA to ZZ TOP) Dom is easy going and hot on detail. His focus on the areas you need to work on: from feeling the song, changing the key, to moving your feet, really help you progress and feel more comfortable."

Mr P

"He’s really polite and knows a lot about both the theory and practical side of music."

Amy C

"Dom is a professional tutor who gives structured lessons based on your personal needs and experience, he gives great advice and feedback and paces the lessons well, highly recommended!"

Ronald M

"I'm finding the lessons with Dom fantastic, he's really helping me to get over my nerves, and become a confident singer. He covers awareness through movement before singing so one is in touch with what's going on in the body before you start singing which is so important in order to sing well. Also lots of vocal exercises and training which again is vital. Dom has helped me to find my voice! I would recommend him as a really good teacher for all levels, hes a professional musician too which obviously helps and provides a really positive approach which encourages your confidence and learning."

Jo K

"My son is loving having lessons with Dom. His words are  'Dom knows exactly what he's doing and is an A class teacher'.

Amy C

"Dom is an accomplished musician and has taught LAMDA with me at The Young Creatives." Marie Amey, Director, The Young Creatives, Portsmouth and Havant

"Extremely professional whilst also very friendly and approachable. I can't recommend Dom enough, has ignited a passion for music that I didn't realize I had before."

Becky C

"Really kind, and helpful with answering questions, with a wide knowledge of different music."

"My 11 year old daughter has had singing lessons with Dom now and she is over the moon. So happy and confident with her singing now. She looks forward to each lesson. Dom is brilliant. Really patient and helpful. Can't recommend Dom enough."

Becky C

"5 star review- I feel comfortable singing with him and I enjoy each lesson. I am enjoying learning about the technique and looking forward to working on songs."

Sophie W

"Dom is superb. A talented and thorough tutor that makes learning an instrument really enjoyable. My daughter is 10 and she loves her lessons. The feedback is a lovely touch and offers encouragement and homework for further practice. We’re very happy."

Jessica S

"Dom is really great at making you enter the world of guitar and singing. He can easily switch from one discipline to another and it has been great fun to work with him!! I strongly recommend him!"

Emmanuel V

"Dom is a great teacher. I came to his lessons lacking confidence and quickly we found exciting songs to work on. I feel motivated to practice owing to Dom's understanding approach and good guidance. I highly recommend his lessons."

Fabiao L

"My 14 year old Daughter has recently started singing lessons with Dom. Although she was nervous at the start, she is gradually becoming more confident with her singing. Dom is really patient, and provides great advice. The most important thing is my daughter really looks forward to her lesson each week. Would highly recommend Dom. Very reasonable fees too."

Paula H

Very competitive rates. Email or Phone: +44 7983 905418

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