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HI Fest is go!

We are performing at 6pm, at Groves Bar and Kitchen, Elm Grove, Hayling Island, today at 6pm. See our 'Shows' page for details.

The rain won't matter because the event is indoors.

I have been suffering over the past few days with (what is probably) acute laryngitis - yesterday I completely lost my voice! I know - the horror!

But I am feeling a lot better today, and my voice is again making sounds more than a hoarse whisper, thanks to my friend, vocal coach and sometimes-creative-collaborator, Kylie Earl. Here is a poem to her (in the style of P.B. Shelley):

You’ve gone above and beyond your duty, Kylie,
In my hour of need.
And of nature’s flora you are wise and wily:
Sound advice you continue to feed.

The show must go on, my dear,
And so I will arise.
And healthy or no, I will persevere,
If you will guide and apprise.

Thanks for reading this blog-post.

Will hopefully see you later.

Best wishes,

Dom x

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