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Lyric video of 'Turning Me Upside Down' - forthcoming single

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

'Turning Me Upside Down' is a mellow jazz-funk number, written and self-produced by Dom Reynolds, who sings, plays guitar, bass, keyboards and violin on it. Produced at the Bat Cave Studio for Reynoldo Records, January -March 2021.

Dom says: 'It kind of washes over the listener, I feel. It should feel like getting into a warm bath. That's the intention anyway. Even though, on the face of it, the lyrical content is not 'positive', the lyrics contrast with the smooth, fluid and uplifting feel of the music. So really it's about accepting and rising above personal difficulties in a leisurely and relaxed way. I often try to give a sense of paradox in my songs. Too much music these days is one-sided and unambiguous. This one is meant to be soothing in the face of personal tribulations. I think I was subconsciously trying to recreate the feeling of being on a beach holiday or by the pool.'

Here are some reviews from Drooble, the social network for musicians (Listen to Turning Me Upside Down by Dom Reynolds on Drooble), where it has reached number 2 in the funk chart:

'This is totally excellent... Great vocals and a fine piece of musical flow and emotion!!! Bravo!'

'Lovely laid back feel, gorgeous!'

'Works as a Jazzy /Pop/Funk track. As a fusion, neither one or the other.'

'Lovely laid back feel, gorgeous!'


'I really love this, rich in emotion and atmosphere - a really cool song. It kind of wafts in on a beautiful summer breeze that makes you feel you are on holiday (remember those 😬). The vocal was perfect for the laid back feel. It works superbly !'

Wonderful atmosphere and amazing voice, great quality of the instrumental parts and very cool melody and feeling, great song!

The lyric video premieres on Thursday 11th March at 8:30 here:

It is scheduled for general release on Saturday 10th April. Pre-order from 8th April.

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