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Secret Invitation to a Private Gig/Party

Psst, keep it quiet: private invitation-only gig May 22 @ The Barn, Milton Arms, Portsmouth, Dom Reynolds Derelicts along with desperateBeauty. and you (yes you) are invited! Look out for the door password and details in the next instalment of this blog/newsletter.

This one will be a party as much as a gig. As well as playing in my band, I will be DJing with B Just of desperateBeauty and we're filming it! There will be also be a bar. Mark your calendars.

Here we are at our first gig together as a five-piece band, Dom Reynolds Derelicts, performing last Saturday at the Community Music Festival held at the Rose in June pub garden in Portsmouth, with proceeds to Sophie's Legacy. (Left-to-right: Jozef Birling, B. Just, Dom Reynolds, Ethan Egerton, Alex Gegov. Photo credit: Trevor Thwaites) Here is a clip of our rendition of Roadhouse Blues by The Doors:

The extended concert video will be available shortly.

We will be doing a short set at the Hill Brothers' open mic at Staggeringly Good Brewery next Thursday, 16th May.

Meanwhile, our new single is out now, Ball of Pain, and is available to stream on any platform or download from Bandcamp or here.

You can also get a sneaky preview of our next single, In My Bones, on Soundcloud. This is to be released 1st June. Both of these songs have been earmarked for our forthcoming album, Love and Pain, which is scheduled for release Saturday 5th October.

Best wishes
- x -

Dom Reynolds

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