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The Elephant - video- has dropped

The promo video for Million Pebble Beach’s haunting electronica tinged baroque tune has dropped into YouTube. Dom Reynolds did the production and additional instrumentation.

"Once in a blue moon you get to hear something very special, and this is it"

Phil Letchford, review of "The Adjacent Impossible" and Million Pebble Beach live

"A relaxing voice and an atmospheric sound. It's very unusual - I like it!"

Martin Kirby - 104.3 FM The Flash On Air, DAB to the Portsmouth area

‘With a baroque slightly carnivalesque edge, anyone who appreciates music which is slightly on the more archaic side is sure to be left enamoured by the escapism offered by the arcane soundscape. Yet, with the electronic instrumentals alongside the ethereal orchestral notes, there’s no doubt that the single belongs on contemporary airwaves.’

Check out the video here:

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