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The Hug

A joyful yet mischievous glance at hugging as a social phenomenon.


Remixed by Ed Lucas with his live drums and percussion.


An upbeat party song about the joys of the fiesta season.

I Must Go Now

A laid back but groovy, pensive and nostalgic blues/jazz song about a breakup between two people who still love each other. Based on a poem by Philip Jeremy Wilson.

Turning Me Upside Down

"A hypnotic funky composition full of smooth fine wine vocals, engaging lyrics, harmonic chorus and metro cool beats, bass and dreamy instrumentals. 'Turning Me Upside Down' immerses the listener in a surreal sea of weightlessness as they float through the entire piece to its finish."

The Hug (Snug as a Bug Mix)

"A super funky and tight composition with super groovin' vocals, chorus, lyrics, brass work, bass, and beats all participating in giving the listener a warm, happy, electrical audio hug. The song's funky feel good vibes keep giving all the way until the last note and the listener can't help but smile and dance."

Old Time Town

"This song is longing to be performed live on stage with beer drinking, smoking hell raisers... 'a gypsy woman once told my mama...'"

Put Your Gladrags On

''This is just a good Rock n' Roll song!"

 "12 bar blues is still sick after all these years"