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Latest Single: 'Turning Me Upside Down'

"A hypnotic funky composition full of smooth fine wine vocals, engaging lyrics, harmonic chorus and metro cool beats, bass and dreamy instrumentals. 'Turning Me Upside Down' immerses the listener in a surreal sea of weightlessness as they float through the entire piece to its finish, when they finally wake up from this very cool experience."

Single: 'The Hug (Snug as a Bug Mix)'

"A super funky and tight composition with super groovin' vocals, chorus, lyrics, brass work, bass, and beats all participating in giving the listener a warm, happy, electrical audio hug. The song's funky feel good vibes keep giving all the way until the last note and the listener can't help but smile and dance throughout the whole song."

Dom's debut album

Reviews of 'Purify My Soul' LP
"'Jealousy' is a cathartically indulgent Blues Pop soundscape which will enamour fans of John Cooper Clarke and RnB Soul alike.

"That may be a slightly unexpected pairing of styles. Yet Dom Reynolds’ experimental Funk-addled style is all the more captivating for the fact that he’s aurally ripped up the rulebook.

"Charlotte Neal’s strong, yet smooth harmonic vocals work alongside the deadpan spoken-word delivery throughout the track. Which not only creates a potent amount of collaborative chemistry but also ensures that the lyrics resonate with maximum impact.

"The ambient slow jam comes with a nuanced infusion of Psych. When Jealousy is in full flow, you’ll be suitably mesmerised by the colourfully warm tones."

(Amelia Vandergast, The AnR Factory)

"Dom has smashed it - love the soundscapes and the eclecticity. I really like 'Galileo's Daughter' and 'Old Time Town' (so sad!) I enjoyed the mixing of spoken word too - Philip Wilson's voice sounds fabulous in the recordings - so much emotion conveyed in single words. Great job all round!"
(Claire Baker of Million Pebble Beach)
"Wow! 'Jealousy' is an incredible and unique piece of music, that opens up a whole range of possibilities for the future."
(Andrew Ross Hay of Community Matters Radio, QA Hospital Portsmouth)
"'Zero Hours Blues' has a classic blues sound and groove...nice feel!"
(Bossio Del Aqua on
"Superb production and vibe on 'Jealousy'. The vocals are divine - really nice. "
(Clive Hawkes on
"Oh yes, slide guitar has always been a favorite style of mine... Very nice job Dom did on 'Brexit Blues'!"
(Jimmy Bell on
"'Galileo's Daughter' is really groovy.  Everything sounds nice. Something that would be great to see done live."
(White5hade on
"Love the feel and harmonica on 'Purify My Soul, Pt I'. Reminds me a bit of Humble Pie on their 1st album."
(KanK Music on
"'Zero Hours Blues' has got that bottle neck blues feel ... got the right atmosphere to this groove..." (Kevin Renshaw on

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