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Dom Reynolds

music is a joy!


My name is Dom Reynolds and I'm a singer-songwriter, musician, audio-engineer, actor and educator.

I am currently writing and recording with Jozef Birling. In 2022 we created our first album, Change the Plan, Our next album, Roast Dinner Drive, came out in 2023.

Excitingly, we also have an exciting new album in preparation - Love and Pain.

Our live band is called Dom Reynolds Derelicts. 

Follow these links to our music:-
Music | Dom Reynolds & Jozef Birling (
Dom Reynolds | Spotify
Dom Reynolds & Jozef Birling | Spotify
YouTube Music
Apple Music
Also, I am currently putting together a covers-oriented band for performance in the Hampshire area. We are called Dom Reynolds Derelicts.
​For further background on my musical career click here.
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