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Maybe I worked out you were leaving me,

When I noticed your new bank account.

And it wasn’t even 'bout the money,

And I pay no mind to the amount.


I bought you flowers and things,

I even bought you diamond rings.

You said I don’t notice you,

But that’s not true.


‘Cause it’s real.

You’ll never know,

How much I love you,

Though it’s not a secret,

There no words.

I said you’ll never know

How much I care about you, baby,

I can only feel it.


When you said you wished to drive into the sea,

Off that jetty in the harbour,

I made up my mind to walk into the sea,

Just so I could join you there.


I felt the power inside,

A yearning to be free,

Can you see it babe?


‘Cause it’s real,

You’ll never know,

How much really I love you, love you, love you, love you, love you,

It’s not a secret,

There no words.

I said you’ll never know

How much I care about you baby,

I can only feel.


Dom: "This is a song about a memory of separation, of love's promise unfulfilled. It is brimming with emotion, and almost guaranteed to make you cry. It touches the listener, makes us feel that we are not alone in having felt this way, this failure to connect to somebody with mere words, this loss, and ultimately this regret."

From the forthcoming album, Love and Pain, by Dom Reynolds & Jozef Birling, on Reynoldo Records.


Composer/lyricist: Siôn Dominic Reynolds 

Vocals and keys: Dom Reynolds

Guitar: Jozef Birling

Publisher: Reynoldo Records

Copyright: 2023 All Rights Reserved 

Year: 2024

Language: English

Recorded at Bat Cave Studio and Home Cookies Studio. Mixed and mastered by Jozef Birling at Home Cookies Studio.

Photo by Jorn Eriksen on Unsplash

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